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Tokyo, World Championship 2010
Tokyo, World Championship 2010

Boiling it down:  If you had to describe the greatest passion in your life, could you?  In my life it's Judo. It drives me.  Not only to be a better fighter, but also a better person. I am the owner and Head Coach of Senshi Academy in Melbourne, Australia


This website is a portal to the world of Judo, my world. It is intended for Judo players, grappling enthusiasts, elite athletes and other people seeking to get fit and challenge themselves. I run two blogs from Ivo Judo: Judo Improves Everything and Olympic Training
I regularly post up my thoughts, tips and experiences about how you can get better at Judo and at life.
Come along for the journey if you want.


Having represented Australia at the pinnacle of sport, London 2012 Olympic Games, I am now focused on developing my students through my Judo Program and improving my own skills in MMA




2013: New challenges


My life's ambition was realised on July 29 last year. I competed at the Olympic Games. 


Looking back, the result didn't matter. I cleared so many obstacles just to get there and maybe when I am old I will fully appreciate it.

I now have a different path to follow. I will be working to claim gold at the 2014 Commonwealth Games and retire from Judo. At the same time I will be dedicating myself to a career in MMA.

I don't know how far I will go in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts but I am excited bby the possibility of going in to unchartered waters.

I fully understand that balancing a dual sporting career can be difficult but am confident I have the right mindset and support structures to make a success of both.

I guess time will tell, but I promise you this, I will not leave anything to chance and will work harder than ever!




Current Achievements


National Champion 2007, 2010, 2012, 2013

Oceania Champion 2008-2013

Bash for Cash Champion 2010, 2011

Samoa World Cup Runner Up 2011

World Cup Medallist 2010

US Open Medallist 2011

ADCC Asia-Pacific Trials Runner Up 2011

11th Place World Championship 2007

17th Place World Championship 2010

European Medallist 2007, 2009

Commonwealth Medallist 2008, 2010

Pan Pacific Champion (BJJ & Submission Grappling) 2008

Royler Gracie Cup Medallist (BJJ) 2009










What happens now?

Now that the Olympics is done and dusted I’ve got to make some big decisions. I have refused to make any plans until the Olympics were done and now it’s time to shape my short, mid and long term future.


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Progress – How the hell do you measure it?

Judo is one of the easiest sports to make you feel miserable when you are not winning, and the complexity of the sport can lead practitioners to feel like they are getting nowhere or even going backwards.

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