Well this is my first blog ever! I will mainly write about my training and competing in Judo. Not sure how many people will be interested in my daily grind, but if you are this will be a way to keep tabs on my journey to qualify for the London 2012 Olympic Games.



If you don’t know me and you’ve stumbled upon this blog, here’s a quick update.


I am 24 years old. I’ve been doing judo since I was five. I love Judo and have competed with some success through the years. I have won senior National and Oceania Championships, a couple of Commonwealth bronze medals and placed 11th at the 2007 World Championships. I just missed out on being part of the Australian Olympic Judo 2008 team – but that’s a longer story. I will say that it was gut-wrenching to miss out on my dream first time round and it is not something I want to experience again.


Anyway, I train my butt off every day. My training week consists of three sessions a week at my club, Western Judo Academy: four judo sessions at Dominance MMA (under Maria Pekli and Daniel Kelly) and 1 at Essendon Football Club. I also do three strength sessions a week and two agility/flexibility sessions.


I juggle this with full-time university and work in a construction company. Any hours left I spend with my girlfriend Isabel and my family.


That’s the intro – stick around to see where it all goes!






What happens now?

Now that the Olympics is done and dusted I’ve got to make some big decisions. I have refused to make any plans until the Olympics were done and now it’s time to shape my short, mid and long term future.


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Progress – How the hell do you measure it?

Judo is one of the easiest sports to make you feel miserable when you are not winning, and the complexity of the sport can lead practitioners to feel like they are getting nowhere or even going backwards.

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