Training for Agility and Flexibility

The nature of Judo means that athletes need to be strong, fast, explosive, technical, smart and mobile. However, all these things don't even take into consideration your opponent's actions.


When this variable is thrown in there, the often ignored aspect of the game is agility. Being strong, fast and explosive from uncomfortable and improvised situations is perhaps the single most important aspect of a Judoka's preparation.


Additionally, having a broad flexible range of motion with which to execute judo techniques is also an immeasurable advantage. Flexibility is possibly the hardest thing to train for. Most people live within the mentality of 'I am flexible or I am not', believing it to be a pre-destined physical attribute that cannot be altered. This is far from true.


I can state that my flexibility has improved vastly in the past few months through a commitment to a specific flexibility regime and a stubbornness to becoming the bendy, flexible judoka I have always wanted to be.


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