Reflecting on 2010

It's amazing what you can achieve in 12 months.


As the year draws to a close I have had a chance to look back and reflect. I remember doing the same thing last year and really struggling with being happy with 2009.


The situation is reversed this time. I can’t help but be pretty pleased with the last twelve months. I have won the State, National and Continental Titles. Winning medals at Commonwealth and World Cup level also added to my fantastic year.


In all I contested 15 Judo competitions this year ranging from local level to the 2010 World Championships and I managed some success at all levels. I finished 2010 with a World Ranking of 29.


In September I also had the chance to step into the adrenaline charged world of MMA and win my first ever Pro MMA fight by 1st round submission.


It is really hard to try and pinpoint a particular high point but from an emotional point of view the 2010 Australian National Judo Championships were a highlight. Having trained my butt off for six months and putting everything in to my mission to reclaim my National Title, I found myself down a wazari due to penalties. Not helping the situation was the fact that I had dislocated my shoulder two weeks prior whilst training in Brasil. Somehow with my one useful arm I managed to pull the ippon throw to win the fight and take the win.


In reality the best thing to happen for me in 2010 was building my support team. This happened progressively and includes my team mates, coaches, sports science guys and sponsors. I would not be able to do half the stuff I do without their support. With everything I managed this year I am super excited for 2011 considering I am in a far better starting point.

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