The Faith Principle

Today I want to talk to you about Faith! That's right - faith. Living by faith is part of every high performance athlete's development.  Have a read of my blog.  I am getting my Reverend on!

This principle is one that is vital across all sports, but too often overlooked within a coach’s advice. It is when a person has learnt a skill, combination or move but does not execute it as well as they can in high intensity bouts.


This can happen because the person is in FEAR of being countered, failing, looking silly or any other ridiculous thing that your mind tells you might happen if it doesn’t work. When FEAR is present there is no amount of technical advice that can help an athlete.  The antidote is to make a decision to throw caution to the wind and tap the faith in yourself, your coach and your training and say ‘I am going for it’. This is a very hard mental decision to make and is often contrary to a person’s instincts. However, a huge weight comes off your shoulders when you finally execute something you have seemingly been unable to do for so long.


Capitalising on the faith principle can be a trigger for an athlete to take the next step in their evolution and really impose their skills on whomever they are fighting.


With my own training I try and dedicate at least one randori session a fortnight to exercising my faith. For anyone watching that particular training session it may seem ridiculous that I am supposedly a skilled judoka yet I keep launching into many unsuccessful attacks. What they don’t see is the notes I take from that taining and work on. Come competition day I have a heap more tools in my kit that I can unleash.


Remember FEAR stands for False Expectation Appearing Real. So get a bit of faith into your game and see where it takes you.


Here ends the sermon. Amen.




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    mikmak (Thursday, 03 March 2011 06:06)

    Deep thinking from a jock :-)

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