Finishing 2011 With a Bang!

So I am writing this from my tiny flat at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra. I’m here for a week-long training camp with the Australian Judo Team in preparation for the Samoa World Cup next month.


Since the Worlds last August I’ve had some ups and downs. I had torn a ligament in my knee just days before Pan-Am Tour in July, but kept it under wraps and nursed it as much as I could.  However, by the time the competition care round, it was really impeding my game. The only solution was a couple of weeks of significantly scaled back training.


By late September the knee felt okay, and I entered the Australian University Games for some fun and to test the muscle out. I ended up having a bunch of fights, winning my division and the Champion of Champions event, without getting injured.


Training has been a million miles an hour since then in preparation for my final three events of the year. I will be entering the Samoa World Cup in November where I will be looking to improve on last year’s bronze medal and hopefully contest my first world cup final.

I will then come home for a couple of weeks before attacking the Tokyo Grand Slam and Qingdao Grand Prix - and hopefully taking a big step towards securing my qualification spot for London 2012.


Well, I quite literally have to go and start the taping up process to make sure I get through the next training session in one piece. 


Will post again soon. Hopefully with some good news.




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