Judo is more then a sport or martial art. It is a lifestyle, a culture in which lessons in life are learned by mastering the movements involved. 


The lessons learned in Judo are unrivalled in their relativity to a person's life. The physical traits of strength, weight loss, balance, agility, power and injury prevention are tremendous. Judo also teaches self-control, mental conditioning, philosophy, respect, honour, self-confidence, work ethic, team ethics and history.


Socially, Judo develops self-discipline and respect both for yourself and others.


Thousands are living the life.  I am only one,  but I am happy to share my thoughts, learning and experiences. Just check out my blogs: Olympic Training and Judo Improves Everything.


If you want to change your life, you can start today.






What happens now?

Now that the Olympics is done and dusted I’ve got to make some big decisions. I have refused to make any plans until the Olympics were done and now it’s time to shape my short, mid and long term future.


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Progress – How the hell do you measure it?

Judo is one of the easiest sports to make you feel miserable when you are not winning, and the complexity of the sport can lead practitioners to feel like they are getting nowhere or even going backwards.

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