It takes a lot of people to get someone to the level of an elite athlete. I certainly could not have got to where I am today without good coaching. I know the power of a professional coach who can drive you, encourage you and spot gaps in your game.


Wherever you are at with your judo, BJJ or no-gi grappling/mma game, I am an experienced coach who can help you go to the next level.


I have almost a decade of coaching experience in judo and grappling, ten years of competition experience on the international judo scene and have a degree in Applied Exercise Science from Victoria University. My training speciality is to help identify and breakdown techniques that suit the individual judo player or grappler and then develop a unique winning game plan.

I can help you sharpen up your throws, learn new submissions, work on your competition gripping techniques or just burn off some calories.


Whether you are seeking to get fitter or you want to become the strongest grappler you can be, I am available to for individual training, group exercise sessions as well as structured seminars.


For more information on my availability and fees, please email me at






What happens now?

Now that the Olympics is done and dusted I’ve got to make some big decisions. I have refused to make any plans until the Olympics were done and now it’s time to shape my short, mid and long term future.


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Progress – How the hell do you measure it?

Judo is one of the easiest sports to make you feel miserable when you are not winning, and the complexity of the sport can lead practitioners to feel like they are getting nowhere or even going backwards.

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